The Maranello Cup™ Competition Rules – 2016

Effective Date 1/1/16 V1.7

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Notice and Disclaimer

  • The rules and regulations of the Maranello Cup as herein set forth, are designed to provide for competitive and orderly auto racing activities and to further participant safety.
  • Auto racing is, however, an inherently dangerous activity that can result in death or serious injuries. By participating in Maranello Cup activities, each participant acknowledges the risk inherent in auto racing.
  • Maranello Cup specifically disclaims any and all warranties express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of safety or fitness for a particular purpose that may arise from the publications of Maranello Cup rules or participant compliance with Maranello Cup rules.
  • The Maranello Cup further makes no warranty as to the safety of Maranello Cup participants even if all safety precautions required by the Maranello Cup rules are followed.
  • Participant agrees that it shall be the sole responsibility of participant to comply with Maranello Cup rules as well as any installation and/or maintenance instructions of safety device or system manufacturers. It shall not be the responsibility of the Maranello Cup to detect the absence of or improper installation of safety devices or systems.
  • It shall be at the discretion of participants to incorporate any and all such devices and systems as they see fit for their personal safety. Personal safety in no way is to be considered or used as the ability to gain competitive advantage or to violate the spirit or intent of the Maranello Cup Rules. Only modifications to the vehicle specifically permitted by the Maranello Cup Rules as set forth in this document are allowed.
  • By event registration participants of Maranello Cup auto racing activities acknowledge the receipt of the Maranello Cup rules and the contents of this notice and disclaimer.

Advertising And Promotion Release

  • o By registering to participate in a Maranello Cup event, each participant grants to the Maranello Cup, its duly authorized agents and assigns, an exclusive license to use and sublicense his or her name, likeness and performance, including photographs, images and sounds of such competitor and/or any vehicle(s) with respect to which the competitor competes in Maranello Cup events, in any way, medium or material (including but not limited to broadcasts by and through television, cable television, radio, pay per-view, closed circuit television, satellite signal, digital signal, film productions, audiotape productions, transmissions over the Internet, public and private online services authorized by Maranello Cup, sales and other commercial projects, and the like) for promoting, advertising, broadcasting, recording or reporting any Maranello Cup event before, during and after such event. In addition each participant hereby relinquishes to Maranello Cup exclusively and in perpetuity all rights thereto for such purposes.

2016 Maranello Cup RULES


Part 1 Defining Allowed Modifications 1
Part 2 Owner-of-Record/Driver/Prep Shop Responsibility 1
Part 3 Rule Infractions 1
Part 4 Vehicle Eligibility 2
Part 5 Engine 2
Part 6 Fuel 2
Part 7 Suspension 2
Part 8 Tires and Wheels 3
Part 9 Brakes 3
Part 10 Transmissions 3
Part 11 Body/Chassis/Interior 3
Part 12 Performance Devices Affecting Air Flow 4
Part 13 Vehicle Weight 4
Part 14 Spot Inspection 5
Part 15 Championship Points 5
Part 16 Championship Points Eligibility 5
Part 17 Additional Championship Points 5
Part 18 Tie Breakers 5
Part 19 Rules Revision 6
Part 20 Sanctioning Body 6
Part 21 General Rules 6
Part 22 Drug Abuse Policy 6

2016 Maranello Cup Personnel

Bill Riddell – President & CEO: (904) 491-7983
Ken Fengler – General Manager and Competition Director: (954) 931-0501 –
Shane Lewis – Driver Development and Competition: (561) 747-0960 –
Julie Bentley – Administration: (770) 380-7770 –
Will Riddell – Operations: (904) 206-9444 –
Ben Cissell- Communications: (615)944-6547 –

Maranello Cup

This Spec Racing Series, its success and your enjoyment rely heavily on rules compliance.
  1. Part 1: Defining Allowed Modifications

    1. Only modifications specifically defined “allowed” in the following Parts are permitted so Unless these rules specifically say it is allowed to make the change, or add the item, DON’T.
  2. Part 2: Owner-of-Record/Driver/Prep Shop Responsibility

    1. Neither the Series nor its Officials have the responsibility to determine that a vehicle is either safe or rules compliant.
    2. It is the individual obligation of the owner-of-record, the driver and the prep shop to assure compliance with any and all Maranello Cup Rules.
    3. It is equally and independently the responsibility of the owner-of-record, driver and prep shop to always maintain the Maranello Cup race car in safe working order, and compliance with the rules.
    4. The Series, and its Officials may determine that unsafe and non-compliant conditions exist, and require remediation.
    5. Changes made without knowledge of any one or more of the owner-of-record, the driver and the prep shop are not defense for penalty and remediation.
    6. Any and all cost incurred by the Series, or its designee, to examine or dismantle any piece or part (i.e. engine, transmission, etc.) to determine legality, or resolve a dispute of legality, will be at the expense of the owner-of-record.
    7. All Maranello Cup competition vehicles must be equipped with two-way-radio communication systems maintained in proper working order.
    8. Any time a vehicle is on-track a designated team member must have immediate radio access to the driver to facilitate pertinent information by a Maranello Cup Official.
    9. It is the responsibility of the owner-of-record, driver, or prep shop to assure all current team frequencies are on file with the Maranello Cup.
  3. Part 3: Rule Infractions

    1. Rule infractions will not be tolerated.
    2. At the discretion of The Series, a competitor violating any Maranello Cup rule will be penalized.
    3. The penalty for rule infraction may be financial, partial or total loss of accrued series points, immediate probation or suspension of competition privileges, or, in the case of severe or blatant violations, exclusion from multiple competition events, or all future events.
    4. Multiple penalties may be imposed.
    5. Interpretation and application of Maranello Cup rules by The Series, or its Competition Director shall be final and binding.
    6. Interpretations and enforcement of Maranello Cup Rules by The Series, or its Competition Director are non-litigable.
    7. o A competitor who believes another owner-of-record/driver/prep shop has violated Maranello Cup rules may lodge a complaint or protest with the Series Competition Director who will have sole discretion of action(s) to be taken. Malicious, frivolous, or bad faith complaints may be penalized.
  4. Part 4: Vehicle Eligibility

    1. o Maranello Cup vehicle eligibility is limited to any Ferrari Challenge race cars.
    2. Maranello Cup Officials, exclusively, will determine a vehicles eligibility to meet specification for competition in the Series including any equipment or part.
  5. Part 5: Engine

    1. No internal engine modifications are allowed that would increase the engine stroke from original.
    2. Changing the induction system air filter element is allowed, but must retain OE dimensions and location.
    3. Any engine exhaust and header system beginning at the head is allowed on F355 and F360. For F430 and F458, exhaust and header are allowed with a 100lb penalty.
    4. Any radiator installed in the stock location is allowed.
    5. Only water and water wetters in the cooling system are allowed.
    6. Only data acquisition which records and stores data for driver coaching is allowed.
    7. Only the Ferrari factory OE DME for year, make and model is allowed.
    8. Any flash is allowed.
    9. Any engine pulley is allowed.
  6. Part 6: Fuel

    1. o Only unleaded non-oxygenated 93 octane street gasoline is allowed. For the F458 a C4 fuel is allowed. Race fuel is allowed on the F355, F360 or F430 only, with a 100lb penalty.
    2. o Only non-oxygenated bearing additives, like Z-Max, for lubrication are allowed.
    3. Fuel samples may be taken, or spot tests administered pursuant to Part 14.
  7. Part 7: Suspension

    1. Any aftermarket shocks are allowed on F355 and F360. Aftermarket shocks are also allowed on F430 and F458, with a 100lb weight penalty.
    2. Replacement springs are allowed.
    3. Replacing the front or rear sway bar with aftermarket sway bars affixed to OEM sway bar mounting points is allowed.
  8. Part 8: Tires and Wheels

    1. Spec Pirelli tires mandatory.
  9. Part 9: Brakes>

    1. Any brake pad and material that fit rules complient rotors are allowed.
  10. Part 10: Transmissions

    1. Only stock manual Ferrari transmissions and differentials of year/make/model as delivered from the factory are allowed.
  11. Part 11: Body/Chassis/Interior

    1. Current up-to-date fuel cell is required.
    2. Only fuel cells that meet or exceed FIA certification are allowed.
    3. Any driver seat that meets FIA safety standards is allowed. If requested, FIA documentation must be supplied.
    4. Passenger seat removal is allowed.
    5. Front splitter is allowed.
    6. Installation of driver service equipment is allowed(e.g. cool suit/helmet blower, radio, cameras, etc.).
    7. A working fire system with driver accessible activation is MANDITORY.
    8. Front and rear tow hooks are MANDITORY.
    9. Replacing all window glass with Lexan or equivalent is allowed.
    10. Replacing hood, doors and rear deck lid with factory appearing fiberglass, or carbon fiber, is allowed.
    11. Replacing exterior mirrors is allowed.
  12. Part 12: Performance Devices Affecting Airflow

    1. A 1/4 inch only Gurney Flap on the rear wing is allowed. 1/4 inch will be measured in height from the top rear most trailing edge of the wing.
    2. A wing height no higher than the top of the roof is allowed.
    3. A wing set back no further than the rear most point of the bumper is allowed. The rear most point of the bumper will be measured from its center line.
  13. Part 13: Vehicle Weight

    1. For official weights, see Appendix A.
    2. Weight is measured equipped-as-raced, with driver and all personal safety equipment.
    3. Frequent Flyer Consequence. A performance equalizing system based on adding ballast to vehicles that consistently out-pace the field. The goal is to provide greater equality in on-track competition The Maranello Cup Managing Director, has sole discretion to impose a weight penalty, as he determines, on any competition vehicle that displays a noteworthy speed disparity visually, or in lap time.
    4. All Competitors are required to have at track additional weights totaling 250 pounds in increments of: two (2) weighing twenty-five (25) pounds; two (2) weighing fifty (50) pounds and one (1) weighing one-hundred (100) pounds. All weights must individually, or in any combination, comply with Part 13.4.
  14. Part 14: Spot Inspection

    1. Series cars may be inspected at any time during an event by a Maranello Cup Official.
    2. The first three finishers, and at least two random finishers may be weighed and inspected after practice, qualifying or race at the discretion of The Series and must meet or exceed minimum weight and be in compliance with all Series Rules.
    3. Refusal of any spot inspection will immediately place the owner-of-record, the driver and the prep shop in breach of Maranello Cup Rules and may result in a penalty as provided in Part 3.3, Rules Infractions.
  15. Part 15: Championship Points

    1. The International GT Points System will be utilized.
  16. Part 16: Additional Endurance Championship Points

    1. Competitors must complete at least 50% of the Maranello Cup winner’s laps to receive class-finishing points.
    2. Points will be awarded to a car with the person(s) listed on the official scoring sheet as a “driver” in the sprint race and a “driver & co-driver” listed on the official scoring sheet in the endurance race.
    3. Drivers may accumulate points among different cars in the same class.
    4. Co-drivers must always be listed in the same order on the entry form, and must run more than 50% of the season scheduled races for the team to be eligible for championship points.
    5. For Series endurance racesthe driver of record must start the race and remain in the car continuously, for the first 30 minutes of an endurance race lasting 1.5 hours or less, or for the first 45 minutes of an endurance race lasting longer than 1.5 hours. Execution of a team’s mandatory pit stop(s) under a yellow flag is allowed.
    6. The car does not have to be running on the checkered flag lap to be awarded finishing points.
    7. At the discretion of the Series, points from additional races run outside the published Maranello Cup schedule may be added.
    8. Rule violations may result in a loss of some or all Maranello Cup points.
  17. Part 17: Championship Points Eligibility

    1. To determine the overall Maranello Cup Champion, championship points will be awarded for each event in the 2016 season
    2. Endurance series races shall be either a professional driver paired with an amateur driver (Pro/Am), or an amateur driver paired with another amateur driver (Am/Am).
    3. Sprint series races shall be amateur drivers (Am) only.
    4. The Series Competition Director will exclusively determine professional (Pro) and amateur (Am) driver status. Decisions shall be final and binding.
    5. Points will be awarded per the the International GT Points System.
  18. Part 18: Tie Breakers

    1. Ties in final Championship point totals will be resolved, if necessary: First, by most class wins in order of earliest dates. Second, by best average finishing position. Third, by most events entered in order of earliest dates.
  19. Part 19: Rules Revision

    1. Any competitor is encouraged to submit a rule request or revision to the Maranello Cup Directors for review.
    2. In order to benefit the Series, Maranello Cup rules may be modified or changed by the Series Directors for clarification and to correct errors or omissions without initial notification to participants.
    3. Participants will be notified of rules modification, clarifications or change at the earliest practical time.
  20. Part 20: Sanctioning Body

    1. All Maranello Cup competitors will be governed by the rules of the sanctioning body under which the competition is run, to include, but not exclusively, the vehicle technical inspection and driver’s personal safety equipment.
    2. In event of policy conflict, the rules of the sanctioning body will govern. e.g. safety equipment.
  21. Part 21: General Rules

    1. Maranello Cup is the sole authority for rules, vehicle eligibility and series management.
    2. Any and all vehicle modifications must be governed by the regulations in this document.
    3. The physical act of participating in the Maranello Cup is agreement to fully abide by all Series Rules and Regulations. Participation shall be defined as Registering to participate in a Maranello Cup event.
    4. The Maranello Cup may, but is not required to, accept any entry and reserves the right, at any time, to reject any entrant for any action or conduct detrimental to automobile racing or the Maranello Cup.
    5. Any action or conduct as determined by the Series , or the Competition Director, as detrimental to automobile racing or the Maranello Cup to include but not limited to: fraudulent or illegal proceedings; reckless or dangerous driving, either on course or in the pits and paddock; unsportsmanlike driving or conduct; or physical violence towards any other participant, Official, or spectator, may result in immediate ejection of the premises or penalty as provided in: Rules Infractions.
    6. If there is disagreement or dispute regarding interpretation, meaning or application of Maranello Cup Rules, the interpretation and application by the Maranello Cup Competition Director shall prevail.
    7. Litigation in order to reverse or modify official Maranello Cup rulings and determinations are prohibited.
    8. Individuals who maintain litigation in violation of General Rules Part 21 agree to reimburse The Maranello Cup, or any of its Officials, for all costs of such litigation, including travel expense and attorney’s fees. Officials time will be reimbursed at $275.00 per hour.
  22. Part 22: Drug Abuse Policy

    1. The consumption of alcoholic beverages by any participant is expressly prohibited until all practice, qualifying, and racing activity has been completed for the day.
    2. The use of any narcotic or dangerous drug, as defined by Federal Law or by the law of the state where the event is being held, by any participant is specifically prohibited.
    3. The owner-of-record is responsible for any co-driver, crew or guest participating in the operation of the team found in violation of Part 22.1 or 22.2.
    4. Any participant found in violation of Part 22.1 or 22.2 may immediately be excluded from the competition, removed from the event and/or penalized under Part 3, Rules Infractions.

Appendix A

Official Weight and Horsepower for year, make and model, will be contained in Appendix A, which will be distributed and discussed with competitors at the first event in Sebring . It will be distributed in a Technical Bulletin immediately thereafter.

Appendix A

355 Challenge
2,920 lbs

360 Challenge
2,660 lbs

430 Challenge
2,800 lbs

458 Challenge
2,800 lbs